Barack Obama Gets $400 Million Of YOUR Money On February 17th

Next Thursday, February 17th, 2018, Barack Obama will receive $400 million from the federal government. According to the OBS, the money is to be transferred from the general fund, which is where your taxes go, to the “Obama Foundation Presidential Library” project. That’s right; all the memes and lies about President Trump taking away the library are just that: lies.

According to Art Tubolls at the White House OIP:

“President Obama served two terms and left office with a congressionally-approved library grant. Every President before him got the same. President Trump will get the same. There will be be people who are unhappy about it.”

It doesn’t matter what other Presidents got. Other Presidents weren’t secret Muslims trying to destroy our country. Other Presidents didn’t give guns to our enemies and get people killed at our embassies. other Presidents didn’t sell out their own people for a book deal.

Barack Obama shouldn’t get a library for hating America. He shouldn’t be exalted for trying to get us all killed. He ruined our economy and spat on our flag. He sided with thugs over cops and let them kill babies a week shy of birth. He’s responsible for everyone Hillary Clinton killed for nearly a decade.

And in the end, he can’t even admit that he’s gay and that his wife is a man named Michael. Now he gets $400 million. Time to write your congressman!!!

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